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We make bake website

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  • creative

    we bake websites

    in an innovative way

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  • functionality

    we bake beautiful


    simple websites

    for everyone

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  • passion

    A mini web design agency with a passion

    in everything we work

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  • understandable

    make content self-explanatory

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  • Research step


    Research is an important part of any website creation. We gather as much information as possible from you, about your business, goal, ideas so that we can sum it all up and work on the detail. We'll try bring out the best we can.

  • Design step


    Having enough information, we start brainstorming for the concept design. From the wireframe to mockup, we provide you the best visual solution, also discuss potential issues, taking feedback and approval. Then we will code it up.

  • Developing step


    Here we start the process of turning the design into actual functional website, which meets the web standards and accessibility requirements. Also keep updating the lastest technologies in web to make sure your website is always up-to-date.

  • Testing step


    Getting our hands dirty enough with the coding phase, it's time for testing for functionality and cross browser compatiblity. We try to bring out the best possible way for your website on most browsers, also fixing the bugs if there are any.

  • Launching step


    It's about time to let the world know your website. It's very important to do it right and we can help you with installing, uploading and configurating websites. Dont worry, we wont leave you.

  • Support step


    If you still have any confusing issues with user experience, don't hesitate to contact us and let us know where you stuck at. We can help you get where you want to go. Also, if the site has any problems, we can help with on-going site maintenace too.

We code beautiful design and design beautiful code

“We may not be big, but we are absolutely clever and talented. With our design skills and IT culture, we work to understand and solve your problems in a best way. If you like our works, let's put your faith in us."

Duc Hong Duc Hong
Duc Hong / Designer

Hello, my name is Duc, a 23-year-old easy going, hard working and ambitious designer living in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. The majority of my work is centered around user interface, anything you can see, touch and tap on websites. That's my job.

In fact, I've graduated from University of Information Technology with Computer Science majority, which means I've never been on a graphic design course in my life. Don’t worry, you can believe in my design eyes. I find it truly inspiring from things I see every days, also have a big passion for creating beautiful and functional websites while learning new technologies and improving my skills, and YES, Google is my mentor.

Duc Hong Duc Hong
Nam Le / Developer

Hi, my name is Nam, living in Ho Chi Minh city. I've graduated from Computer Scienece department, University of Information Technology and currently I'm working as a web / mobile developer. With more than 2 years working with PHP and 1 year for Android OS under my belt, I believe I can deliver the best solution for your problem, of course, in a best posibble way.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing guitar, listen to classical music and read magazines

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“We love to share what we know, everything we’ve experienced in life, new techniques in web developement, inspiration from great artists around the world”

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